Top 5 on Neflix getting us through Isolation

Top 5 on Neflix getting us through Isolation

Tiger King, Joe Exotic
92% Rating on Rotton Tomatos 

I'm sure you've seen the memes circulating recently and if you haven't already seen it; boy you're in for a treat. This ever giving Docuseries will take you on a unique insider rollercoaster into the Big Cat World within the USA. A mind boggling stat: "Do you know there are more Big Cats in capacity in the USA then there are Big Cats in the wild throughout the entire world'... Who are these people with tigers in their backyard?!
According to everyone I've seen on the internet, you'll likely chose a 'side' of the Main Character at war and if you love a conspiracy THIS IS FOR YOU. 

Rick & Morty
95% Rating on Rotton Tomatos

If you've been alive in the last 4 years you would have heard of Rick & Morty I'm sure, and if you're somewhat like me you would have watched it through a minimum of 50 times.. *eek*. With the final episodes of season 5 being released in May, what more of a reason do you need to jump back in and say "I don't remember this last time I watched this", because I do that every time!
If you haven't already seen this show it is about a Grandpa (Rick, smartest man in the universe) and his Grandson (Morty, not so smartest boy in the universe), that travel through galaxies getting into some dumb f**k s**t... Rick is a drunk, rude & selfish but the subtle bond with his family will give him a warm place in your heart. 

Spirited Away
97% Rating on Rotton Tomatos

This film has got to be in my most beautiful films list. The music in it is gorgeous and calming, the illustration of it is delicate and satisfying to watch when animated & the story is peaceful and humble. It's about a 10 year old girl called Chahiro who enters the World of Spirits in Japanese Folk Law. Her mission is to find her parents and get home, during which she enchants many characters with her sweet and strong persona.

Sex Education
94% Rating on Rotton Tomatos

A fairly new Netflix Original, with the first season released in 2019 and the second season in 2020 there is a chance you might not have watched this yet! It's about a socially awkward High School student named Otis, he lives with his mother Jean who is an open speaking, free living sex therapist. Being raised around sex manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about the subject his whole life, Otis has become a reluctant expert on the subject. He teams up with his crush, Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic helping deal with classmates problems. 
Good things about this programme: Every gender, disability, sexuality & nationality are spoken about or are characters in this programme. It's an incredibly open minded series and you end up learning a bit too! It's funny, it's relatable and it's quite mystical. The setting is in gorgeous vast country sides with a Hogwarts/ Stranger Things magical style. 

87% Rating on Rotton Tomatos

This is a hugely heartfelt comedy following teenager Sam who has Autism. Now firstly, this grabbed at my heart strings as I have a little sister with Autism so understand how challenging yet rewardingly comedic this guys life is. The overall gist of the programme is for the first time in his life, is on the look for love. Now with limited social skills, his best friend (who i'd describe as a 16 year old dorky Stiffler -American Pie) guides him through step by step and not always the best advice.
It's hilariously funny, and if you know someone who is autistic the punch lines will lay even better with you.  It's very warming while it takes you on a rollercoaster rides through their family life. Very relatable & easy to watch.
OH! The Soundtrack will have you singing all the way through!

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