Americans spend as much on Cannabis as they do on Taco Bell??!!

Americans spend as much on Cannabis as they do on Taco Bell??!!

Breakfast Crunch Wrap and a blunt wrap please! 

Food and cannabis goes hand in hand right? But does the ever-growing cannabis industry and it's legalisation mean we're at the beginning of a booming sector that could supercede known brands such as Fortnite the NFL or even fast-food chains!?

Recent data suggests in America people are spending as much on legal cannabis (medical and recreational sales) as they are on the legendary Tacobell franchise! The number is $10.4 billion, but that's only a 6th of what is being spent on black market Cannabis, which is valued at some 50 or 60 billion! For perspective, the beer industry is worth close to 120 billion. Imagine if this plant were to be fully legalised and taxed on a mainstream level, the country's economic boom would be huge, as it already has and would in many other countries.

So we know the demand is there, and despite not meeting expectations in California (one of the states biggest markets) we know that with further legalisation of the plant will offer more jobs and new products, the success will compound year on year and be an amazing sector to be involved in! Whether you're a fan of smoking, or wanting to work within the industry this is going to be a very interesting and exciting industry growth!

Source: parts of this article were originally posted on The Fresh Toast.

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