This month I trialed a UK based CBD range from LDN CBD. My first note here would be, girls, all the products smell DIVINE! I'm a sucker for anything orange smelling so the face cream certainly did not disappoint!

1% Face Cream with Rosemary, Orange and Nettle (this can be used as a cream or cleanser).

As I'm not a makeup wearer I love finding a good Face Cream - I tend to go for natural products and brands OR doctors grade moisturiser; I think it's soo important to keep your face as hydrated as possible! The Face cream is a broad spectrum CBD which refers to oil that contains both CBD and a number of other compounds found in hemp such as vitamins, minerals, omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, chlorophylls, terpenes, and flavonoids. This oil is then processed to remove the THC to very low (usually non-detectable) levels.

It smells and feels beautiful and it eliminates a big bug bear for me - I hate it when you think you've found a good moisturiser but you stay looking greasy like you need to wash your face all day.

This cream fully absorbs but keeps your face feeling hydrated, clean and fresh all day! I'm a bit gutted I've ran out to be honest...

3% MCT Oil. Our customer's favourite to ease stress and anxiety. Can be blended into smoothies too, best to use nut milk!

I take my oil straight with a drop on the tongue; I'm pretty fast paced and haven't time to mix it up into smoothies and acai bowls - I WISH I did have the time to do this, or more so have someone do it for me... But reality is, a quick drop on the tongue at whatever point in the day I remember, or when I see it sitting on my bedroom side. Point is, I've used quite a few CBD oils now - enough to pick out the good the bad and the ugly.

So please believe me when I say, this is the most pleasant tasting oil I've used! I was actually a little shocked to find that they had left it natural and unflavoured.... That planty, hempy taste that I find with most other oils, it wasn't there! If I had to describe the taste I would say a sweet wooden flavour. If you're looking to start using CBD oil as part of your daily routine, or if you're currently using CBD oil and not quite getting used to the taste of your current brand - This is one you'll get along with.

Broad spectrum CBD Massage Oils
Made with a rice bran oil base which is nice and silky, works wonderfully as a body oil/moisturiser replacement.

Comes in 2 different scents:
- Jasmine/bergamot is the more feminine and calming scent
- Cedar/neroli/rosemary more masculine and uplifting

The saying is leave the best till last right?.... WOW, I LOVE THESE OILS! I love a good massage, and I'm lucky to have someone who will give me a massage when needed. But you know what, I've never invested in massage oils. I'll always use a moisturiser that I have knocking round on my dresser.

My favourite oil here was the Jasmine & Bergamot; the scent filled the entire room which I always think is a good sign of any beauty product. They spend so long trying to make products smell lovely and it's so disappointing when the smell doesn't linger.

Top Tip: I actually went to a family wedding over the weekend and wore a dress with my legs on display, I moisturised them but they still looked dull. So I thought to use some of the oil to give them a shine; it was a good idea! They looked glossy and the oil made my tan pop. The oil didn't feel greasy and it lasted all the way into the evening!

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